Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nicole's 10u softball team was the "Mighty Tiggers". Of course, I'd showed my appreciation for the team. I made our head Coach, Mark Terrazas and family a monogram frame and the other coaches a "Dads" orange cream soda with a pocket holder. The holder held a small tube of (orange) sun screen and a pack of (orange) Trident gum. I put a pull out note in the center pocket that read: "Thank You Coach Tommy" "Our Coaches are truly the "cream of the crop".
I made the Mighty Tiggers girls, a pack of "Chicklets" that I covered and decorated with paper. Wonder want her next team will be???

My daughter Nicole just ended her softball season last Saturday. They came in 3rd place in a league 11 teams. Nicole mainly played 3rd base and pitched a couple innings. She had an awesome time and improved so much. Her team worked amazing well and the team had wonderful coaches, 6 to be exact. She'll be signing up for fall ball we go again!